Sweetwood Estates HOA

Sweetwood Estates HOA - Holiday yard of the month!

HOA President:

Congratulations to all Sweetwood Estates homeowners who made a special effort to decorate their yards for the holiday season. A drive through our community delights the eye and provides a visual inspiration and joy that this time of the year brings. Please take the time to enjoy the lights and decorations yourself.
A judging was done on the evening of December 20th by members of the Board.  Although we were bedazzled by all the seasonal lights, the decision to separate one yard as a “Best” was extremely difficult. However, it was decided that the winner of the 2017 winner was -

I (website mgr) am not comfortable publishing the name and address without the

owners consent.

This website is public, world wide.  Once the homeowner gives authorization,

I will update this with the information..